About Us

TFF (Thousand Forms of Fashion) is a women’s wear clothing label based out of Mumbai, India that works on made to order basis.

Founded in 2021 by a mother-daughter team Asha and Ankolika Kumar, TFF started out as a blog “1000 Forms of Fashion” by Asha Kumar and branched into a clothing line owing to her love for fashion and a decade of experience in bespoke clothing.   

The name Thousand Forms of Fashion fittingly describes the label as the products include a variety of contemporary clothing for different occasions that speak to modern women of all ages.

Garments at TFF are usually influenced by arts, nature and distinctive cultures. The tasteful blend of colours combined with gorgeous prints form the basis of creation of each product. Simultaneously, emphasis is given on sophistication and comfort by choosing fine textiles that are long lasting.

TFF’s made to measure system helps in achieving the perfect fit for each customer and ensuring high end quality of every product.

Ultimately, the aim is to make every woman feel unique and extraordinary and confident in her own skin.